The Habitat Hack

A community sourced solution for a real estate challenge in Zimbabwe
Starting with Bulawayo...

What is The Habitat Hack?

The Habitat Hack is a property-based Community Hack (i.e. an integrated community-sourced problem-solving process) that seeks to provide a viable solution on how to effectively sell residential stands to the diaspora population.

The diaspora has been losing confidence in doing business with property/estate agents in Zimbabwe; and hence they have, of late, been more skeptical about investing that 10k back home to buy a stand...

John Pocock and Company (Pvt) Ltd seeks to build back the lost confidence in the diaspora by selling them real estate using modern technology and contemporary means.

How it works:

      1. Prospective “Hackers” sign-up and successful applicants are onboarded. A Hacker is an entrepreneur, developer or designer that will be taking part in the Habitat Hack.
      2. Hackers are grouped into “hacker teams” that are then briefed and contextualised on the problem.
      3. To help teams effectively tackle the problem and develop relevant solutions, they are taken through a very brief capacitation and training by The TechVillage. 
      4. Hackers will interface with the "Client", the diaspora, and relevant affected stakeholders through interactive discussions on the problem at various stages of the hack.
      5. Using the acquired background information and training, hacker teams start developing and testing their respective solutions/products. 
      6. Products and solutions will be appraised at two stages, with the final appraisal being made at the Hack Finale. The viable product/solution(s) may either form an aggregate entity in order to scale, or they can continue development and implementation at individual scale.

      Where is it?

      Bulawayo, Zimbabwe | Read more below

      The Hopeville Project

      The residential stands on sale are located at a new suburb named Hopeville, along the Airport road at the Woodville Road intersection.

      The stands are now nearing the selling stages. More information and terms related to the purchase of the residential stands are available from the Hopeville Project Facebook Page.

      We need the Hackers... and the Community is important to us too!

      So, with the Habitat Hack we do things the cool way hey - instead of participants/team-players, etc... we engage what we call "Hackers" that will form organic but balanced groups comprising of: (1) Entrepreneurs, (2) Developers and (3) Designers; to solve the hack. So, what type of Hacker are you?

      The Entrepreneur

      Business-minded? No problem - have your shot at solving the Hack, and have fun with crunching the figures whilst you figure out the commercial viability to your solution!

      The Developer

      Web development, app development... or anything code - and yes, all the technical stuff - we have just the place for you!

      The Designer

      Graphic communication, UI/UX, media and content development - you have an essential role to play to get the product home!

      The Community

      During the Hack, we shall engage the community - and primarily the diaspora - for input, insight and contributions. What's a CommunityHack without the community?

      The Road Map

      The Habitat Hack is expected to run from early August to mid-September.
      Below is a visual guide to the Habitat Hack - seek your treasure there!

      Who's Running The Habitat Hack?

      Meet the runners behind the Hack

      The Community Hacks Team

      The following is the organising team for the Habitat Hack:

      Takunda Chingonzoh - Founder, Velociti

      Blessing Mukome - Founder, DesignWorks Studios
      (Habitat Hack Frontrunner)

      Paul Kuona - Founder, Washen

      Thamsanqa Mpofu - Founder, X-beta

      John Pocock & Co.

      John Pocock and Company (Pvt) Ltd. is  a wholly owned Zimbabwean property consultancy firm headquartered in Bulawayo. Founded in 1955.

      Darryl Friend - Business Development Director

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      About Community Hacks

      A community hack is an initiative by The TechVillage that leverages on the company’s immense knowledge base and communities to help private sector companies accelerate their research and development efforts by crowd sourcing innovation and solutions without ballooning the costs associated with such an undertaking.

      The Habitat Hack is one of the many CommunityHacks coming your way soon.

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